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Administrator Notes

Student Government Officers.  The following students have been elected to be officers of our school's Student Government: President - Rachel Barnes Vice President - Joelle Safar Secretary - Matthew Nakhel Chaplain - MacKenzie Barnes   Weather Days.   We missed three scheduled school days due to Hurricane Irma.  These days have been re-scheduled for the following dates: Monday, November 20, full day Tuesday, November 21, full day Friday, March 16, half day (dismissal at noon) Dress Code.  Please refer to pages 21 through 23 of our Parent/Student   Handbook any time you have questions concerning our dress code.  As the weather finally turns cooler, the following describes our rules concerning outerwear (coats, sweatshirts, sweaters, etc.): 1. Sweaters may be pullover or button, solid white, solid primary red, solid black or solid dark navy.  Sweaters must be properly fitted, not oversized. 2. Jackets and coats of your choice may be worn to school and at recess.  Jackets and coats may not be worn in classrooms.  Christian Heritage sweatshirts may be purchased each fall in navy or red. Student Government Representatives.  The following students were elected by their classmates to represent them in our school's Student Government: 3rd Grade - Lyric Hewitt, Josue Escorcia 4th Grade - Graham Griffin, Paskal Safar 5th Grade - Jeremy Sessoms, Moriah Small 6th Grade - Meryl Dahi, George Safar 7th Grade - Joey Cox, Ka'Myya Haywood 8th Grade - Joshua Biringer, Jazmen Thompson  


AmazonSmile.  Help support Christian Heritage by following this link to shop AmazonSmile. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59- 1764511   Please designate Christian Heritage Academy in Jacksonville, FL as the charity you would like Amazon to send donations to.  Thank you!   Car Name Plates. Please be sure to use your child's name plate. This helps our dismissal process go so much faster and easier.  We appreciate your efforts to help us.   Boxtops.  Please continue to collect and turn in your Boxtops.  Thank you!