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Administrator Notes

Chapel Offerings.  Our school theme for this year is "Love In Action."  This is being put into practice through the offerings given in our chapel services, which are going to the Haiti Water Project.  The goal of this project is to create drinkable water resources in Haiti in order to improve the health of Haitians and to show them the love of Christ.  Our students and families have already given over $1,610! Registration for 2017/18 school year.  The early registration period for the 2017/18 school year ended on March 31.  The registration fee is now $230.  We appreciate those of you who have already re-enrolled for next year. Book Trade.  Mrs. Shrout will be conducting a Book Trade on Wednesday, May 24, for K5 through 5th grades.  Books to be traded may be brought in to Mrs. Shrout this week.  Books must be on current grade level, meeting current requirements for Readers To Leaders.  Students will be given one ticket for each paperback, and two tickets for each hardback.  Students can then spend these tickets at the Book Trade with paperbacks "costing" one ticket and hardbacks two tickets.  Please do not send in books that are falling apart or in bad shape.  This is a great way to get "new" books for your students to be reading over the summer. Readers To Leaders.  The following students have completed their reading goal for this school year: Hailey Kaess - 2nd Grade Joshua Barnes  - 2nd Grade Bella Beccue   - 2nd Grade Blake Biringer - 2nd Grade Anastasia Butler  - 2nd Grade Ava Frommer  - 2nd Grade Tre'Anthony Gibbs  - 2nd Grade Naveese O'Neal - 2nd Grade Yasmine Saman - 2nd Grade Jadah Lee - 4th Grade Rebecca Cox - 4th Grade Brielle Compere  - 4th Grade End of School Year.  Please remember that all financial obligations must be paid before we can release your student's final report card and/or records.  We will be sending statements to all families on Thursday of this week.  Please pay any outstanding balance promptly.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Dean at ldean@chajax.org.  


My Coke Rewards.  The program is changing, SO, Please CONTINUE collecting and sending in Coke Reward codes! I am still able to input them and earn Cash for the school!!! Not sure exactly how the new program will work, but currently it is beneficial to the school!!!! Thank you & keep collecting!! AmazonSmile.  Help support Christian Heritage by following this link to shop AmazonSmile. http://smile.amazon.com/ch/59- 1764511   Please designate Christian Heritage Academy in Jacksonville, FL as the charity you would like Amazon to send donations to.  Thank you!   Car Name Plates. Please be sure to use your child's name plate. This helps our dismissal process go so much faster and easier.  We appreciate your efforts to help us.   Boxtops.  Please continue to collect and turn in your Boxtops.  Thank you!